Study Design

Study Design:

Multi-center case-control study


Study centers in East Asia


Each center will recruit a group of incident head and neck cancer cases, comprising oral cavity, oropharynx and larynx sites. A comparable group of controls will be recruited at the same time.


The interview of both cases and controls will be structured to obtain information on current and previous alcohol consumption, dietary habits, tobacco consumption and other lifestyle factors. Blood samples will be collected from all cases and controls. Pathology reports, paraffin embedded or fresh tumour tissue will be obtained from all cases. Written consent for participation will be obtained from all study participants.


In order to understand the treatment and prognosis of head and neck cancer in East Asia, the cancer patients will be followed up one, three, or five years after the initial interview. Clinical information on treatment, lifestyle changes, and quality of life at the different follow-up time points will be collected and analyzed.